Main Features

TAP From Screen is a video recognition app and software
that link any video with shoppable items

  • Instant purchase

    Instant, low-friction mobile purchase with no time spent on search

  • New source of revenues for the Advertising industry

    Product Placement that sells for the Advertisers and new source of monetization and production funding for Movie Studios, Streaming Platforms, TV Channels as well as Music Artists and Advertising / Media Agencies

  • Enhanced Brand Integrations

    Higher revenues from the Brand Integrations. Connected TV solution for YouTube channels

  • Buy exactly the items you see on the screen

    Viewers get the genuine items, exactly the ones featured by the video creators, instead of affordable replicas or look-alike options

  • Details information about the video and items you see

    All the things that you might want to google while watching: detailed information, products’ tech specs, facts about brands, back-stage & behind the scene stories and more

  • Exclusive deals

    Exclusive offers and promotions, including those for scanning the videos and interacting with the content

How It Works?

Tool for Advertisers and Video Owners & Creators to easily make any video shoppable on mobile.

Scan the screen

Viewer scans the screen with the TAP app. Average recognition time – 3 seconds

- Consumers get exactly the items they see on the screen
- No time spent on search
- In-depth information about the items on the screen and favourite programs
- Works across all platforms, with any video, on any screen

Instant Purchase

TAP From Screen app shows all the items that could be purchased or interacted with and allows to purchase them instantly


Video Owners pre-program all the items that they decide to make shoppable /interactive  in the show via TAP Content Management System

- Video owner receives the sales revenues percentage from the items sold via TAP
- Possibility of instant updates for live broadcasts
- Detailed info & specs about items

Watch The Video

Why this could be a good idea for your business?

According to Nielsen 88% of Americans “use a 2nd digital device while watching TV“, 71% “look up content related to content they are watching” while 41% are busy messaging “friends / family about content they are watching.

Advertisers & Agencies

Currently the real impact and ROI of Product Placement is hard to measure. Frequently additional budget/campaign is required to reiterate the message via other channels. There is a strong need for direct sales product placement opportunity that has a verified link to consumer with measurable ROI impact.

  • Product Placement that sells.
  • Shoppable ads campaigns that can be placed across channels
  • Insights and information about consumers’ preferences and mobile behavior.
  • New way to interact with and get the information about the consumers.

Content Creators | YouTube & Other Platforms

Increasing number of people watch their favorite YouTube shows on their connected TVs. This makes following affiliate product links difficult on YouTube / Other platforms. TAP FROM SCREEN links videos with shoppable items. Instant mobile purchase after scanning the screen.

  • Higher Brand Integration Fees
  • Opportunity to charge a percentage of sales instead of an affiliate comission
  • Higher audience engagement. Products info & tech specs at the time of watching
  • Full control over pricing
  • Co-promotions with Advertisers
  • Flexibility. Content is not altered, amended or copied
  • Source of new traffic

Movie Industry | TV Channels | Streaming Platforms

At the moment content producers do not get their fair share of revenues from consumer purchases, influenced by product placement integrations. Growth of revenues from advertising and subscription fees is close to saturation. TAP From Screen offers better ways to attract advertisers’ budgets;  new sources of content monetization by selling directly to consumers; and more interactivity to increase the programs’ ratings.

  • New Sales channel for Visual Content
  • Higher Product Placement fees
  • Movie production financing instrument
  • Higher audience engagement
  • Co-promotions with Advertisers
  • Flexibility. Content is not altered, amended or copied

Music Videos

For many artists, even the most famous ones, the sales of merchandize, tickets, memorabilia, NFTs as well latest news are scattered across multiple sites and platforms frequently difficult for the fans to navigate. Music videos is a natural way to prominently feature the latest items that artists bring to their fans as well as a great enhancement of any sponsorship contracts

  • New premium channel for merchandize sales
  • Opportunity for collaboration with brands. Brand Integrations that sell
  • Interaction with fans during concerts via multiple screens frequently present as a part of the tour / show / concert
  • New way of talking to fans, getting their attention to the issues or projects supported by artists
  • More views for the music videos

Founding Team

Valery Ushakov

Valery Ushakov

Entrepreneur | Marketing, Media & Market Research Professional and Strategist

Den Tolmor

Den Tolmor

Oscar and Emmy-nominated producer and scriptwriter, voting member of the TV Academy

App Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

You either see TAP FROM SCREEN logo on the screen or a host of the show / commentator of the sport event encourages you to use the mobile app. You might also hear it in social media or online publications put out by an advertiser who decides to make their advertising campaign shoppable. If a well-known brand would make their campaign shoppable, we’re pretty sure you’ll hear about it!

The owner of the video has full control of which items or information is linked to their video content.

For video recognition we use neural networks embedded into the mobile app. We also utilize proprietary training models. For now it takes the app around 3 seconds to confidently recognize a video. In the next product iteration and quicker servers we are targeting 2 seconds to reach 95% probability in recognizing any 5 sec video fragment. Our proprietary components as well as end-to-end solution is covered by the US patent.

The purchase is made with a simple tap in the mobile application. After we take the order, it is fulfilled by an online store provided to us by the owner of the video. We support the integration via shopify or any other ecommerce platform.

Our customers get an access to their dedicated accounts within our Content Management System. It is a fairly intuitive process similar to any office program. We’d be happy to take care of this part, however in most cases our clients would probably use the help of their agency as a part of their advertising campaign or a brand integration.

We take a small commission from an order. All partners related to a video, such as movie studios, TV channels or Agencies typically get a commission from sales and owner of the items obviously gets a biggest share from every purchase as revenues from their products’ sales.

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